Table Linen - All Linen prices include laundry

401Damask: White Table Cloth 54"x54"2-50
402Damask: White Table Cloth 70"x70"2-75
403Damask: White Table Cloth 90"x903-00
404Damask: White Table Cloth 70"x108"3-00
405Damask: White Table Cloth 70"x144"3-60
407Damask: White Serviette50p
408Coloured Table Cloth 54"x54"3-00
409Coloured Table Cloth 70"x70"3-50
410Coloured Table Cloth 90"x90"4-60
411Coloured Table Cloth 70"x108"4-60
412Coloured Napkins60p
413Glass/Tea Cloth50p
414Waiters Cloth60p
408Round Table Cloth  90" White6-00
409Round Table Cloth 108" White7-00
410Round Table Cloth 118" White8-00
411Round Table Cloth 130" White9-75
NB: Please do not pack soiled linen away when wet as within hours it can be completely ruined by mildew.
 Please soak stains and dry off.